DMY 2011 Projects

For the International Design Festival Berlin we asked the designers to tell a story about their projects. Here they are:

Bruno Carvalho - Tempelhof Lamp

"In 1948, during the famous airlift that avoided Berlin’s inhabitants to starve to death, another operation gained widespread attention – the Little Vittles operation. Carried by the ally pilots, in order to help the morale of the German children during the soviet blockade, they started dropping candies attached to the parachutes before landing. By the end of the airlift, 23 tons of candy were dropped around Berlin Tempelhof Airport."

The Tempelhof Lamp is the second project from the site-specific furniture concept.
The lamp design was extracted from an architecture detail from the main facade of
Berlin Tempelhof Airport.


João Valente - #Another contemporary chair

"This story is about a Chair that was completely full of herself. She was so vain about the elegance of her body, she was so in love with the touch of her skin, she was always talking about the beautiful smell of her mdf when she was cut by the laser cuter. In her own world she was the one, she couldn’t stand the idea of being considered as a regular chair, even though she was just one other mdf chair.
One day while she was talking with some friends, she realized that all her strength was
in the concept of being beautiful and perfect. All my perfection and all my beauty it is too much to be an object, she said to the others. Since that day she lives as a concept.”

#Another contemporary chair exists as a concept that contains in its shape the
information of a chair. The idea of this chair is a representation of how designers are most
of the time using this object as a canvas to express their point of views, concerns and


Manuel Amaral Netto - Dock Lamp

“It was late in the evening Tivadar Puskás was sitting in front of a vertical panel containing banks of 1/4 inch tip ring sleeve jacks. This is an old telephone switch. This is used to connect telephone calls. The evening had been running slow until finally a signal lamp near the jack started blinking. In a reflex Puskás plugs one of the answering cords into the blinking jack. Puts on his headphones and speaks to the microphone: “Number Please?”. In his headphones he hears: “Can you turn on the light, please?”. “One second, please” – He replies. Puskás has a quick look over the switch panel until he finds the correct dock to plug it.”

Dock Lamp is a lamp that is connected not by a button but rather by a precise action. It is not the simple and everyday action of turning the light on with the click of a button but instead you move the light and place it on a specific place, depending on the type of light you need. You are the switch. Move the Lamp!


Paulo Sellmayer - Spore Vase

"Certain types of cheese require inoculation of milk curds with fungal species that impart a unique flavor and texture to the cheese. The Danish blue, the Stilton or Roque fort all have a unique flavour given by the inoculation with Penicillium roqueforti. The presence of fungi in our daily life is quite invisible but surpasses the imaginable. Things like beer, antibiotics or sake all have in common the use of fungi in some stage of their production.

Spore is a fungi vase. It creates innocuous vessels so that the natural beauty of these
otherwise disgusting organisms can be appreciated, as if they were flowers.
The cultivating media is inoculated through a hole on the top.
The spores that exist in the surrounding air are the seeds that will flourish.

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